Bob Devonshire

Bob Devonshire

My name is Bob Devonshire. I am a freelance photographer in Lancaster Pennsylvania.

I shoot a variety of scenes and events, from landscape, sunsets and wildlife to sports, social events and fundraisers.

I am a coorespondent with LNP Media Group, Engle Publishing & 1st Responder News.

I also provide equestrian photographic services to a large customer base in Lancaster and Chester Counties. Breeds include Dutch Harness, Standardbred, Fresian, Saddlebred and many more. Noteworthy horses I have photographed include Waldemar, Black Diamond, Guderoos. I also produce videos of horses as well as ads, flyers and other media needs for my equestrian customers.

I have had photos published in several magazines and have won awards for my images as well.

Enjoy the images you see here and